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Most ADT security systems take 2-4 hours to install depending on the amount of equipment. We also take time to train you and your family or employees how to operate the ADT system properly.

When the ADT system goes off, your ADT Smart Home Security System sends an alert to both the ADT Command Center and your smartphone, notifying them and you which alarm device has been triggered. ADT calls you to verify that it is an actual emergency. If you don’t answer, ADT will dispatch the local authorities, then call down an emergency call list to notify one of your contacts that the police have been dispatched. If you accidentally trigger the alarm, simply provide ADT with your password and they will not dispatch the police.

Yes! ADT Video Surveillance Cameras have infrared technology, and will illuminate an area so you will be able to see who or what is in the field of vision.

Yes! The ADT Command Center comes with 24/7/365 customer support online, over the phone, or via email.

Yes! Most insurance companies provide a discount for having a monitored security system. 10-20% off your premiums is most common, which helps to offset some of the monitoring costs.

No! ADT’s Video Surveillance Cameras are encrypted with 2-Way Authentication, making it impossible for someone to randomly access your cameras.

No! ADT Monitoring Representative do not have access to view customer video.

You can have unlimited Users with the ADT Control App.